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NSF Christmas Appeal - Tommy Tycho’s Story

November 18th, 2009

Last year famous musician and conductor Tommy Tycho suffered a stroke.

Tommy Tycho and his daughter

Following a fall at home, Tommy was admitted to hospital where a scan revealed he had suffered a massive aneurysm.

Tommy and his daughter following his stroke

He was then taken to the operating theatre where the doctor inserted a drain into his head and saved his life.

Before his stroke, Tommy was highly successful in his career. His credits include thousands of orchestrations, composing and arranging over 1,500 pieces of music for movies and television, including the Medal Ceremony music for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, to name only a few.

Suffering from a stroke has temporarily put an end to his highly successful career.

Throughout his recovery he has had many breakthroughs, including the recovery of speech from a whisper to normal volume, being able to eat solid food and drink proper liquid, being able to sit up in my wheelchair, but most important of all he has started to write music again and play the piano.

After three months of rehab he was moved to a nursing home as he has paralysis on his left side and needs 24 hour care.

This is perhaps the biggest effect of the stroke on Tommy’s life as he is now living without his wife Eve, after 59 years of a wonderful marriage.

Tommy credits the exceptional work of staff at his nursing home, support of his therapists and his determination to his successful road to recovery.

He aims to one day become totally mobile and stand once again on the podium in front of his orchestra and conduct a two hour concert.

Tommy’s story is a powerful demonstration of what is possible in recovery after a stroke.

The National Stroke Foundation works tirelessly to ensure all people affected by stroke have the best outcomes possible.

This festive season we thank you for your support for this important work during a very difficult year and any donation you can make to the NSF Christmas Appeal is greatly appreciated.

You are an important person helping us achieve our life saving goals.

To make a contribution, please visit the donate page on our website.

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  1. Stephen
    January 12th, 2010 at 23:02 | #1

    Dear Tommy,
    thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us on the Web, I intend to read your story of success to my Mother who’s in the Canberra Hospitals stroke ward at this moment. Thank you and keep believing in your self.

  2. Neil Nestor
    March 3rd, 2011 at 22:25 | #2

    I have lost contact with Tommy since his stroke.I used to phone him regularly. I phoned St Vincents Hospt every 3 days to see how he was going and the staff were always happy to advise of his progress ( my thanks to them ) I didn’t want to bother Eve at the time , I knew she would be inundated with calls.I miss our chats and would like to talk to him from time to time or make contact by email. I hope you can help me. An email address would be great as I reside in Canberra. I was a professional muso in Sydney for many years.

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